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Research Information sheets

We produce a number of research information sheets for people living with MND, clinicians and Health and Social Care Professionals. All of our publications are checked for accuracy at time of print and are reviewed annually.

We welcome your views on our research information and if you have any comments please contact research@mndassociation.org or 01604 611 880.

All of our information sheets can be downloaded below (we have also included links to further information on our website). You can also order them in printed format from our helpline MND Connect.


Overview of MND research (sheet A)

Information includes the causes of MND and the International Symposium on ALS/MND.

Inherited MND (sheet B)

Information on inherited MND is available as three separate information sheets; 1) an introduction to inherited MND; 2) genetic testing; 3) options available to affected family members who may wish to start a family.

Unproven treatments (sheet C)

ALS Untangled iconThe facts about unproven treatments and some of the issues to consider before undertaking such a treatment.

Clinical trials (sheet D)

How and why clinical trials are conducted and the process involved, along with a list of current or very recent MND clinical trials.

MIROCALS clinical trial (sheet DA)

Information about MIROCALS clinical trial – what is IL2 treatment, who can take part and how will the trial work.

Research we fund (sheet E)

A brief overview of the portfolio of current research grants awarded by the Association.

Stem cells (sheet F)

S Chandran Neuron imageWhat stem cells are and how they may be used to create new models of disease, as well as testing potential treatments.

Biomarkers (sheet G)

What are biomarkers, how are they useful and which ones have been identified for MND.

Tissue donation (sheet I)

How tissue donation may be useful in MND research, along with contact details for local tissue banks (AMRC Science Communication Awards Runner-up).

DNA Bank samples (sheet J)

Information on what happens to DNA sample deposited as part of the MND Association’s DNA Bank.

Research involving animals (sheet L)

Information about funding MND research involving animals and our research policies.



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