Research talks

Below you can watch talks discussing a variety of research topics, from the way motor neurones work, the ongoing search for biomarkers, to nutritional management in MND.

Modelling MND in induced pluripotent stem cells

Dr Ruxandra Dafinca | University of Oxford
Why do we need to model MND in the lab, and how skin cells can be used to study motor neurones.
Regional Conference, February 2019

The genetic jigsaw of MND

Dr Brad Smith | King's College London
Why and how do we search for genes that cause MND, latest discoveries, and investigating gene mutations in zebrafish.
Regional Conference, September 2018

 The Biomarker Challenge

Professor Martin Turner |University of Oxford
Looking at the biological signature of MND, and how it can lead to faster diagnosis and improve treatment outcome.
Annual Conference 2018

Neurochemistry of MND

Dr Emily Feneberg | University of Oxford
Looking at the biochemistry of motor neurone degeneration and how it translates into clinical symptoms. 
Regional Conference, May 2018

How patients are changing MND care for the better

Dr Esther Hobson | University of Sheffield
MND and healthcare; HeadUp collar, gastrostomy, non-invasive ventilation and using telemedicine in MND care. 
Regional Conference, April 2018

Axonal transport and RNA biology in MND

Dr Alex Whitworth | University of Cambridge
What is RNA, how does it move along motor neurones, and how is this affected in MND, as observed in fruitflies. 
Regional Conference, March 2018

Nutritional support in MND

Dr Haris Stavroulakis | University of Sheffield
Malnutrition and nutritional care in MND, and three projects investigating nutrition: ProGas, HighCALS, and PostGas.
Regional Conference, November 2017

Modelling human MND

Dr Rickie Patani | University College London
How can stem cells be used in MND research, and the importance of support cells in understanding the disease.
Regional Conference, September 2017

Are we really making progress?

Prof Ammar Al-Chalabi | King's College London
Progress that has been made in understanding and treating of MND; types of MND, causes, genetics and treatments.
Annual Conference 2017 

How do we model MND in the lab?

Dr David Gordon | University of Oxford
Accumulation of TDP-43, motor neurone degeneration, and associated muscular degeneration in a mouse model.
Regional Conference, March 2018

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