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If your relative or friend has been diagnosed with MND or Kennedy’s disease, supporting them may feel part of your relationship. However, health and social care services describe someone who provides unpaid care support as a 'carer'. This term can help you identify and access services, which offer direct support for you, as well as the person who has been diagnosed. Select from the following to find out more and see our carer wellbeing activities at the bottom of the page.

“I think that sometimes people take on a caring role, but don’t realise they are carers and don’t get the help that is available to them.” Carer, supporting a person with MND

Carer wellbeing activities

See the drop-down option above about finding other wellbeing activities. Short audio and video activities are featured below. All have been created by experienced practitioners, to help support carer wellbeing, using mindfulness, meditation and gentle exercise. We know how difficult it can be to find time for yourself, so each activity is only 10-25 minutes long. You decide how, where and when you want to use them.

Disclaimer: It’s important to read the notes below before attempting these activities. Neither the practitioners featured on this page or the MND Association assume responsibility for any injuries experienced during these sessions.

Before you begin

However, we recommend listening to or watching each activity first, even if movement is not included. Think about safety, within your personal physical limitations. Build up any movement slowly, rather than force and strain. Always consult your GP or specialist health care professionals before beginning a new exercise programme. This is particularly important if you have a specific injury or disease, or if you are pregnant.

Our practitioners

Julia Mitchell is qualified to lead sessions in Shibashi Qigong and Daily Tai Chi. Julia is also a member of the Shibashi Training Academy and the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

Graeme Waterfield is a qualified tai chi, meditation and yoga instructor, with 25 years experience.

Tracy Woodward is a qualified gym instructor who particularly enjoys running outdoor sessions. She is also qualified in nutrition for physical performance and general nutrition and weight management advice.

Chair Based Relaxation with Graeme Waterfield

This activity is chair based without movement, as shown in the photograph.  While seated comfortably, listen to the audio track as Graeme takes you through a relaxing routine.

Progressive Body Relaxation with Graeme Waterfield

This activity does not require movement. While lying down, listen to the audio track as Graeme takes you through a routine on body awareness and relaxation.

Chair based stretch with Graeme Waterfield

This activity requires gentle movement. While seated, watch the video as Graeme takes you through a simple stretch routine.

Tai Chi session with Julia Mitchell

This activity requires slow, controlled movement. While standing, the aim is to relax, and improve posture and mobility. Find out more about Tai Chi from the NHS.

Exercise session with Tracy Woodward

This low impact cardio activity requires repeated movements, where you will be standing, stretching and bending. The aim is to loosen up and increase energy levels at the beginning of your day - or whenever you wish.

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