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Our group is run entirely by volunteers and aims to provide support to all local people living with MND, their families and carers. We hold regular planning and fundraising group meetings. Please get in touch with our group contact.

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The group is run entirely by volunteers and aims to provide the best possible support to local people with MND, their families, and carers. For more information about the different events and activities organised by the group in order to provide support, raise awareness, and fundraise on behalf of people living with MND, please contact us.

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Please note: Our email has changed, you can now contact us via email [email protected]
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Hazel Carter, volunteer Campaign Contact for the branch, has written of her experience of caring for her husband who had MND. She takes no money from book sales. Instead 50% of proceeds are being given to MND Association - Birmingham and Solihull branch and the balance is split between Marie Curie and Myton hospices. To see what people are saying about this remarkable unique book, please click below. Find out more

Life's Good by Hazel Carter