JustGiving page for donations to the Branch

If you or your family or friends wish to make a donation to the Branch for any reason, you can now do so by means of a JustGiving page that we have set up for that purpose at:

The page will accept text donations to 70070 using the code MNDA66 as well as by credit card, is completely secure and has the great advantage to our Treasurer that it will automatically claim Gift Aid on donations that qualify, and that increases the amount donated by 25% at no cost to the donor.

Donations in memory of a loved one

We are sometimes asked by people who have lost their loved ones to MND how to ensure that any donations from family and friends in their memory come to the local Branch of the MND Association - if that is the family's wish.

Most Funeral Directors will collect such donations on behalf of the family, and the simplest approach is for them to be given the phone number of the Branch Chairman, Graham Read (07553 885880), with the request that they call him once they have received the donations.

We do appreciate receiving donations of this kind and you can be assured that they will be put to good use in support of others in the Branch area living with MND.

If you wish such donations to be put towards any particular aspect of the Association’s work – and some families specify research – please make sure that the Branch is aware of any specific wishes you may have so that we can inform staff at David Niven House. We can then ensure that your wishes are respected.

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262