Executive Pay


The Motor Neurone Disease Association employs staff with the expertise, skills and knowledge needed to deliver the broad range of our work in research, campaigning and supporting the care of people affected by MND, That also includes staff in support roles such as finance, fundraising, marketing, human resources and ICT.

With our five ambitious Promises to deliver alongside our community, it is vital we pay a fair and appropriate salary. By doing that we can attract and keep the best people with the right values, skills and experience. In our commitment to openness, and in line with best practice, we publicly disclose the following information on senior staff salaries.

How our Executive pay is governed

The Remuneration Committee (a sub committee of our Board made up of volunteer trustees) oversees the remuneration packages of members of the executive team. The Committee ensures they are appropriate and communicated to our members and the wider public in line with good practice. This includes the initial setting and annual review of the salary and other benefits of the Chief Executive Officer.

To do this the Committee benchmarks against similar roles in other charities, ensures we remain competitive so we attract the best people we can while, of course, considering prudent use of our limited resources as a charity which relies on the generosity of our supporters.

Salary bands - our chief executive and directors

The Association’s Directors Team comprises the Chief Executive and six Directors overseeing specific areas of our work.

Their salaries sit within the bands below.

  • 4 Directors sit within the salary band £80,000 to £89,999
  • 2 Directors sit within the salary band £90,000 to £99,999
  • 1 Director sits within the salary band £130,000 to £140,000

Additional notes

During our account period for 2021, we allocated 68p of every £1 to fund our core activities of research, care and campaigning. Of the remaining 32p in every £1, 17p is spent on fundraising and 15p on support functions within the Association, for example finance, information systems and HR.

For every £1 spent in the past year on our staff fundraising tea, £6.48 was raised in return. In 2020 that figure was £4.60. When legacy income and costs are included this rises to £9.16 (£6.69 in 2020). You can read more about the impact we are making through our research projects, campaigning activities and services such as equipment loans, grants and Association-funded care centres and networks.

Our trustees are volunteers and do not receive any remuneration for their services but may claim reasonable expenses incurred through attending meetings or other duties.

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262