The MND Association has launched its first television advertising campaign in more than a decade as part of a wider awareness campaign. 

The move has been prompted by ITV’s ongoing Coronation Street storyline following the journey of character Paul Foreman who was diagnosed with MND last summer. While the fictionalised version of MND has captured the hearts of millions of Corrie fans, the new campaign shows in moving detail the stories of people for whom MND is a reality. Its title – The Love Inside. 

Alongside the television adverts will be media coverage, new website and social media content and emails which will encourage those inspired by the adverts to find out more about MND and the Association’s work, with the hope of engaging them more with the MND community in the future. 

Our Director of Engagement explains why now.

"The storyline on Coronation Street has really touched people and given us an incredible opportunity to raise further awareness of MND and the MND Association with a new audience."

Chris James, Director of Engagement

Find out more about the adverts and watch our video below

Meet the people

We are incredibly grateful to Mike Sumner and his wife Zoe, Mike Small, and Louise and Rob Jordan who let us into their lives and allowed us to share their MND stories through the adverts. 

Mike and Zoe 

Mike, living with MND, and his partner Zoe in the living room.

Mike and Zoe’s love story is remarkable. They met on Channel 4’s popular dating programme, First Dates. They became firm friends, supporting each other by virtual means while the UK went into lockdown. Zoe was on the other end of the phone when Mike received the news he had MND. Their friendship turned to love and, in 2021, they married. They live together in Sheffield.  


Mike, living with MND, smiling at the camera

Mike Small worked as a plasterer and started to notice his hands weren’t working properly. He sought medical advice and was eventually diagnosed with MND. Mike helped the Coronation Street team as they began to scope out character Paul’s storyline. He was able to share valuable insights into his symptoms, diagnosis and the effect on his work and family. Mike appears on screen with his MND Association Area Support Co-ordinator Alli Anthony.  

Very sadly Mike died at the start of February 2024, just a few days after The Love Inside launched. We are in touch with Mike’s family and will ensure their wishes shape the future use of the assets we have featuring Mike. 

Louise and Rob

Louise, living with MND, and her partner Rob in the garden.

Louise Jordan was a GP for around a quarter of a century. She had come across MND in her line of work, and was a passionate advocate for good palliative care. Louise first experienced changes in her voice and was diagnosed with MND in 2021. We filmed with Louise and Rob in November 2023. The couple married a few weeks later. 

Sadly Louise died just before Christmas. It is Rob and their family’s wish that Louise’s story is shown as part of our campaign which Louise was delighted to be a part of.  

When can I see the ads?

The adverts will feature in Coronation Street advert breaks over the next five months, at pivotal points in the Coronation Street storylines.

We will be sharing more information and trailers on our social media. Please encourage people in your networks to tune in!


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