All eyes are on a new communication aid tool to be launched

A new communication aid tool is due to be launched later this year which uses a person’s eye gestures and audio feedback to help them communicate.

EyeControl is a wearable personal communication device that gives a voice to people with neurological disorders including MND. It uses a head-mounted infrared camera to track eye movements which then sends the information to a small unit which translates the movements into communication.

Or Retzkin, Co-Founder of Eye Control, Chris James, Director of External Affairs for the MND Association and Debbie Burrells, who is living with MND spoke about the product and the benefits it would have for people with MND on BBC Two’s Victoria Derbyshire programme on 17 August.

Watch the interview via catch-up on BBC iPlayer (from approx. 35 minutes in)

Find out more: Visit the EyeControl website

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