App helps communication for people with MND

Google Look to Speak appThe MND Association is proud to have been involved in the development of a new app which will enable people who use eyegaze technology to communicate in more environments than ever before.

The Look To Speak app is now available free on Android smartphones and works in direct sunlight and rain, and can be used in places where eyegaze isn’t usually available, such as while travelling or bathing.

People with MND were represented in codesign and testing, as were MND Association experts, offering a valuable insight to the developers.


Nick Goldup, Director of Care Improvement for the Motor Neurone Disease Association said:

“The Look to Speak app is the latest exciting initiative developed with the direct involvement of the MND Association Technology Think Tank.

Around 80% of people with MND lose the ability to speak and many of those rely on eyegaze technology to communicate even their most basic needs. But it does have its drawbacks. Google’s Look To Speak app uses a smartphone to address some of those issues, increasing opportunities for people who are unable to use their voice to communicate effectively for instance while bathing, as a passenger in the car and in direct sunlight.

Because the experts at the Association and people living with MND have been working alongside the team at Google during the design and testing phases of the app, we already know it works and are convinced it will make a real difference to many people, not just those with MND but others who are unable to use their voice.”

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