Thank you for supporting the Scrap 6 Months campaign

Following the success of our Scrap 6 Months campaign, the six month rule has now been scrapped in all four UK nations. Please read the latest update here.

Working in partnership with Marie Curie, we campaigned for reform to the Special Rules for Terminal Illness process, which provides fast-track access to benefits for people living with a terminal illness.

Our supporters called on the Government to reform the Special Rules process to better suit the needs of people living with complex and unpredictable terminal conditions such as MND.

Governments in Northern Ireland, England and Wales have all now scrapped the six-month rule. Anyone whose health professionals think they may die within one year will be able to get guaranteed fast access to the benefits they need.

This change had already been applied to all eligible benefits in Northern Ireland, and to Universal Credit and Employment and Support Allowance in England and Wales. The Social Security (Special Rules for End of Life) Bill, which passed through both the House of Lords and House of Commons in September 2022, will apply the change to all remaining applicable benefits in England and Wales.

We would like to thank all our supporters for their tireless efforts in support of the campaign, and we are delighted that this important change has been achieved.

We will continue to work to improve access to benefits and support for everyone affected by MND.

Becky and her dad Anthony faced a four month battle to secure the benefits he is entitled to.

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