In 2013 to mark MND Global Awareness Day ALS/MND Associations around the world joined together to promote the rights of people with MND and their carers, as set out in our MND Charter.

Family of ALS/MND Charters logo

The global ‘Family of ALS/MND Charters’ is an international campaign promoting the rights of people with MND and their carers

Following the success of our Charter campaign, were instrumental in the launch of the ‘Family of ALS/MND Charters’ campaign together with the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations. This global campaign aims to unite the global ALS/MND community through the five Charter statements, to raise awareness of the disease and the priorities of good care and support for all people with ALS/MND, no matter where they live.

Our Charter has been adopted and translated by several organisations around the world - including, Turkey, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Australia, America, Colombia and Peru.

It is hoped that these five rights are put into place across the world, ensuring that everyone living with ALS/MND and their carers have access to the right information, care and services that allow them to maximise their quality of life and be treated with dignity.