"MND will eventually kill me. But with your help, I will fight it all the way."

My name is David Needham, I'm 51 and I'm terminally ill with motor neurone disease (MND).

There is no effective treatment for MND and no cure. But, I'm 100% confident that if enough of us come together right now, we can fund the research that discovers the cure we desperately need.

That cure will come too late for me. I've come to terms with that. But it would mean that if my three young children carry the same faulty gene as I do, their lives won't be cut short by MND too. It would save thousands of families like mine from the heartbreak of seeing a loved one waste away.

When my children are grown up, I want MND to be a thing of the past. I want there to be an effective treatment, a cure. Let's stop families like ours losing their loved ones to MND.

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Will you help break the cycle of MND?

Dr Nick Cole, Head of Research at the MND Association

Dr Nick Cole, Head of Research at the MND Association, explains how your donation could help.

“We’re fighting MND on every front. We’re funding ground-breaking research that will lead to more effective treatments for people and help us to understand and treat MND in families like David's. But MND researchers need your support to make all that happen.

“And until we find a cure, we’ll need to keep providing life-changing support and practical information to people diagnosed with this devastating disease, and their families too. Please, will you help by making a donation?”

We have to find a way to beat MND. Will you help by making a donation today?

David with friends during Three Peaks challenge
David, his family and branch members at branch meeting
David after completing Great North Run in a wheelchair
David making his way down rocks during Three Peaks challenge
David and family in the garden, with Easter eggs
David in a wheelchair, in the countryside

Yes, I want to help beat motor neurone disease today.


could pay for the annual storage of 35 DNA samples for research.


could keep our vital MND Connect helpline open for 30 minutes.


could fund laboratory equipment for three days of research.

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