Whatever your branch or group fundraising event - from a ball to a small coffee morning - it is important that it is safe and that you are aware of any legal issues.

For all events, you need to consider the following and ensure you have followed the correct guidance and advice:

  • Risk assessment
  • First aid
  • Insurance
  • Food safety
  • Licensing alcohol
  • Raffles and lotteries
  • Licensing entertainment
  • Collections of money
  • Association branding and logo.

Every branch or group needs to have a volunteer who has trained in the risk assessment process and understands what this involves. If there has been a failure to follow the correct procedures, the Association’s insurance could fail to cover in event of an accident.

To ensure you are conforming to the most up-to-date requirements, do ensure you get advice and guidance from your regional fundraiser and allow plenty of time for event planning.

Everyone will then be able to relax on the day and enjoy themselves.

Guidance on fundraising for branches and groups