Video Guidelines

Videos are a great way to get a message across and at the Association we are using them more and more to help raise awareness of MND and the support available.  We also receive videos and video recommendations from supporters.

We're really keen to showcase some of our supporter videos.  To ensure we are fair and have a good balance of content we've created some guidance that you need to consider when asking us to share your video.

Supporter videos on our website

For a supporter video to be featured on our video page, please make sure:

  • you record it in HD quality or higher
  • it is filmed in landscape if recorded on a phone and of good visual and sound quality
  • it is a video that you have made, or have directly been involved in
  • you have permission from anyone appearing in the video that they are happy for it to be shared
  • you cover a topic that isn't already featured in another video on the page.

Any video that contains care information must also meet our specific guidelines.  You can read these below.

We will not feature videos that:

  • contradict any information produced by the Association
  • include material that could be copyright infringement (this could include excerpts from TV or film, soundtracks and music, or photographs without permission, or uses wording that is someone else’s intellectual property without crediting the author or organisation)
  • include inappropriate language about disability, ethnicity or any aspect of equality and diversity.

How to send us your videos

We need all video's to be hosted on YouTube.  Once you've uploaded your video send us the YouTube link either via our social media channels or via email to  We'll review your video and if we feel it meets our guidelines we'll add a link on our page.

Videos that contain Care information

Any video that contains care information needs to conform to the criteria required within The Information Standard.  This is important to ensure we protect our membership with The Information Standard, which is governed by NHS England. In order to remain members, we have a duty to ensure that all information within scope is trustworthy, accurate and impartial.

The following guidelines must be followed before we would add any video content to our website.

Video content should be free from:

  • advertising or endorsement of commercial products or services
    (Where a product is mentioned by someone as personal use, or the branding is shown on screen, this may be acceptable, but we may be required to display a disclaimer to clarify non-endorsement by the MND Association of any featured products.)
  • any ‘asks’ or calls to action, such as requests to fundraise
  • personal opinion, bias or absolute statements that advocate one approach, therapy or treatment as ‘best’
    (Individual needs and preferences may differ and patient choice must be respected.)
  • unproven statements or ‘facts’
    (Content needs to be supported by evidence based research OR conform to our existing evidence lists for current publications.)
  • personal hints and tips that could cause risk to others, such as homemade solutions that may present health and safety concerns
    (This includes unqualified advice that may be ideal for someone first diagnosed, but risky for someone in later stages, such as specific exercises, aspects of manual handling or ways to manage falls.)
  • cross-references to other information or websites that cannot be easily qualified and may therefore be untrustworthy
    (Any external content that is referenced should either have been produced according to The Information Standard process or come from a qualified health and social care service, such as NHS Choices or GOV.UK)
  • alarmist or emotive statements or images that may cause unnecessary distress, even if true.
    (Language and tone are important considerations.)

 The video must include:

  •  the date of production and a revision date, but we can add this ourselves as a clear label on our site.
  • (At revision date, the video does not necessarily have to be revised, as this may be inappropriate for a supporter-led video, but this is good practice and expected with our accreditation. It enforces regular review to ensure content remains current and accurate. If the video no longer conforms, it must either be revised or removed.)

We may not share the video if it:

  • contains statements that criticise health and social care services or professionals in a way that could cause disrepute
    (for example, we can acknowledge there may be a waiting list for a service, or describe how to make an appeal or complaint, but we cannot publicise the content of a complaint or any form of insult that could be damaging)
  • requires legal checks to be made if content discusses aspects of care with legal implications
    (eg mental capacity, withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment, use of ADRT or LPA)
  • contains information that is not consistent across regions or across England, Wales and Northern Ireland if content covers a specific type of service.

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262