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Expert Core

This is a group of experienced, knowledgeable professionals. These colleagues are the official representative core MDT and they are keen to establish the community and maintain it as a thriving learning and development environment.

The purpose of the Expert Core is to provide professional guidance and be the external face of the Community. It has a planning meeting twice a year to discuss ideas for activity and steer the direction of the community and more regular short meetings to consider suggestions coming in from the membership. Their role is to:

  • steer the development and maintain vitality of the MND Professionals’ Community of Practice
  • provide expert feedback on the development of Association resources
  • help sustain and moderate the MND Professionals’ Community of Practice online forum providing specialist responses to community posed questions as necessary.

Your Expert Core

Chair: Jan Clarke
Consultant Nurse for MND
National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery London
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Anthony Hanratty
MND Nurse Specialist & Care Centre Coordinator and Independent Nurse Prescriber, Middlesbrough MND Care Centre
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Samantha Parry
MND Coordinator, King's College Hospital, London

Rachael Marsden
Nurse Consultant for Motor Neurone Disease, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Caroline Bidder
Network Lead Care Coordinator,
South Wales MND Care Network
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Karen Robinson
Consultant Dietitian
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Liz Anderson
Lead Nurse for Nutrition and Dietetics, Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust
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Tracey McDonald
MND Specialist Physiotherapist, Lancashire & South Cumbria

Kelly Smith
Advanced Physiotherapist, Newcastle MND Centre

Ema Swingwood
Respiratory Physiotherapist
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Charlotte Hardaker
Respiratory Physiotherapist, Bristol

Jenny Rolfe
Consultant Occupational Therapist
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Jennifer Benson
Independent Speech and Language Therapist specialising in MND
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Alison Morton
Palliative & End of Life Care Lead, Dorset County Hospital
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Dr Emily Mayberry
Senior Clinical Psychologist, Sheffield MND Care Centre and Clinical Neuropsychology Services, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
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Kerry Connor
Social Worker
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Kathryn Crawford
Respiratory Specialist Physiotherapist, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
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Katie Gibbon
MND Care Co-ordinator, South Wales MND Care Network
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Dr. Malabika Ghosh
Principal O.T for Cognition & Clinical Academic Fellow, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust
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Phillippa Sharpe
Specialist Occupational Therapist,
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262