Research we fund – Developing treatment pipeline

Here you can find more information about the projects we are funding that are developing the treatment pipeline. Click on a project to find out more information and what the project means to a person living with MND.

These projects aim to turn the most promising scientific discoveries into potential new treatments. New treatments that have been proven safe and effective by all other methods are then carefully tested in people.

Developing strategies to promote muscle reinnervation in MND

Dr Barney Bryson

To develop a new strategy to create new connections between motor neurons and muscles using stem cells.

PRELUDE clinical trial

Prof Ammar Al-Chalabi

To test the use of Lithium Carbonate in people living with MND with Unc13a determined MND.

Development of an SRSF1-targeted gene therapy for C9orf72 MND/FTD

Dr Guillaume Hautbergue

To further develop a novel gene therapy for C9orf72 MND/FTD.

Development of RAR class ligands for treatment of MND

Prof Peter McCaffery

To take a selection of drugs, known as “dual potency retinoids” through pre-clinical trials to determine potential to treat MND.

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More projects coming soon!

The research team are hard at work adding more research projects the MND Association funds to these pages. Come back later to learn about more projects and researchers we fund.



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