PRELUDE Clinical Trial

To test the use of Lithium Carbonate in people living with MND with Unc13a determined MND

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Lead Investigator: Professor Ammar Al-Chalabi

Lead Institution: King's College London

MNDA Funding: £520,000 over 4 years*

Funding dates: June 2020 - July 2024

*Supported by the Greendale Charitable Foundation

About the project

PRELUDE (Personalised treatment with Lithium Carbonate for Unc13a Determined MND) is a major new international, multi-centre, phase III clinical trial to investigate the effect of lithium carbonate on survival in people living with MND carrying a specific mutation in a gene called Unc13a. Multiple centres from across the UK (led by Prof Ammar Al-Chalabi at King’s College London), Europe and Australia will participate. If successful, this trial could provide an effective new treatment to one in every six people with MND.

This trial is part of the MAGNET (Multi-arm, Adaptive, Group-sequential trial NETwork) platform trial. This is the first international platform trial focused on finding effective treatments for MND. It will test multiple treatments simultaneously. You can read more about the MAGNET trial here.

About Lithium Carbonate

Lithium carbonate has been trialed previously in people living with MND. Unfortunately these trials did not reach their primary endpoint, meaning that the results couldn't show that there was benefit of taking the treatment for people living with MND. However more recent analysis of these trials has shown that there could be potential benefit for people who have a specific type of MND, where they have a mutation in the Unc13a gene. Lithium carbonate will now be trialed again just in people living with MND with this specific mutation.

What does this mean for people living with MND?

This project is testing lithium carbonate in people living with MND with a specific type of MND, known as Unc13a. It is hoped that lithium carbonate will be able to slow disease progression and and improve survival for people living with MND with this gene mutation.


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