Development of RAR class ligands for treatment of Motor Neuron Disease

To take a selection of drugs, known as “dual potency retinoids” through pre-clinical trials to determine potential to treat MND.

Peter McCaffrey, SULSA Executive Committee.

Lead Investigator: Prof Peter McCaffery

Lead Institution: University of Aberdeen

MND Association Funding: £241,796

Funding dates: April 2022 - March 2025

About the project

Deficiency of the retinoic acid receptor (RAR) system, that occurs in the central nervous system, has been thought to be a signature of MND. A group of drugs have been developed called “dual potency retinoids” (RAR-Ms) which can help restore RAR function and have the potential to reverse abnormalities caused by SOD1 and C9orf72 mutations. This project will take selected RAR-Ms through pre-clinical trials (laboratory tests prior to testing in humans) to determine their potential to treat MND.

What does this mean for people living with MND?

Putting drugs through pre-clinical trials (laboratory tests prior to testing in humans) is a vital step on the way to the approval of a drug to treat MND. Putting this group of drugs through pre-clinical testing will allow the researchers to see which has the most promise to treat MND and could then be taken forward to test in humans.


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Project code: 882-791