About Our Fundraising

We raise funds to enable us to provide practical help and information to people with MND and to fund research. We receive no national or local government funding and are entirely reliant on our fundraising efforts and the generosity of our supporters.

The South Yorkshire Branch fundraising group comprises a small number of volunteers who organise a range of events for the branch each year. They welcome any help and support, no matter how little time you have to spare. Fundraising by others on behalf of the branch is important and helps us to respond positively to all the funding requests we receive. Tell us about what you're planning and see if we can help.

Contact Trevor Peacock by phone at 0114 242 2956 or email at [email protected]

To donate directly to the South Yorkshire branch JustGiving page please follow the link below.

Cheques made payable to MND Association South Yorkshire can be sent to our Treasurer Paul Hebblethwaite 55 Newfield Lane Sheffield S17 3DD or can be paid directly to the branch account 02972378 sort code 30-96-09


We are very grateful to everyone who raises money for the Branch.  Many of you choose to do this via your JustGiving or other online sites. To ensure that the money comes through to the Branch, it is important that you please follow these simple guidelines:

1. To ensure that your fundraising is transferred to the South Yorkshire Branch, you need to specify that you are fundraising for the Branch within the main body of the text on your fund-raising page when it is set up. This is because, by law, all donors must be fully aware, at the time of giving, if the money they are donating is to go to a specific branch.

2. When setting up a Just Giving fund-raising page, the fundraiser (that’s you!) can only choose to raise money for charities registered on the online giving website, in our case, this is the MND Association. You can however choose to join the South Yorkshire Branch Team using the Blue "Join Team" link on our site below.


3. You will need to sign into your own JG account with your email and password and click continue. In the join the team page you can then click on connect to an existing page. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please don't hesitate to contact our Head of Supporter care by email at [email protected]  with a copy to branch treasurer, Paul Hebblethwaite  [email protected]   0114 236 3222

Please note that it must be you who makes this notification; the Branch cannot do it on your behalf and it is important to do this at the time of setting up.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please don't hesitate to email Paul or call him on 0114 268 1441. Thanks for following this process and many thanks for all your support.

About Our Fundraising

Any suggestions, ideas or feedback from recent events would be welcome. Please email any committee member to discuss.