Coordinate My Care (CMC)

A unique NHS service available to MND patients in London.

CMC is an urgent care planning service, and at the heart of it sits a digital care plan created by you together with your GP or hospital team.

This plan can be viewed by all the healthcare professionals involved in your care, but most importantly by all the urgent care services, NHS 111, London Ambulance Service and Out of Hours GPs.

The care plan is designed to be the important ‘headline news’ a clinician or paramedic would need to know about your condition especially in the out of hours periods like evenings, nights and weekends, where your regular team might not be available.

The plan includes important information about your illness, how and where you’d like to be cared for and who to contact in an emergency and makes sure your wishes are considered by everyone who will be looking after you. This means that everyone involved in your care will know what you need and what you want, which will give you the reassurance that everyone is on the same page.

As an organisation representing the needs of people living with MND, we feel this type of service could really benefit them on a day to day basis and in an emergency or urgent care situation.

There are two ways of creating a CMC care plan.

  1. ONLINE: You can go to the CMC website and click on myCMC. You will be able to start your own plan; a short video will guide you through the process. Then your GP or hospital key worker can complete the plan with all your medical details. Once it has been completed and approved the plan is immediately accessible to all the urgent care services.
  2. WITH YOUR DOCTOR OR NURSE: You may prefer to ask your doctor or nurse to create a CMC urgent care plan with you. If you wish to create a plan with your GP, please make an appointment and let the reception staff know that you are making the appointment to create a CMC urgent care plan. Similarly ask your hospital key worker for time to sit down, discuss and create a plan together.

Once your CMC care plan is finalised your clinician can activate the ‘enrol’ function so that you can view your CMC care plan, on your smart phone, computer or device of your choice. You can also make requests to edit details within the care plan, and give other people access to your plan.

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If you have any further enquiries, please email [email protected] or

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