Reviewing our support grants

During 2022, we are assessing the effectiveness, reach and impact of our current support grant programme.

Branch and group volunteers and members of staff are part of this project team and are working collaboratively to review our current programme. Once this is complete, they will provide recommendations to the MND Association’s Care Committee to suggest further improvements to better support people living with and affected by MND.

Our grants programme is integral to the support the MND Association provides, and we want to reassure you that it is very much here to stay. Our primary aim with this project is to better support our community and help us fulfil Our Promises to you.

Watch our video where National Care Manager Steph gives an update of where we are with the evaluation so far.

Our work so far:

We’ve held a number of focus groups, ran a short survey, undertaken benchmarking research, analysed our data and a completed a study of external reports.

A number of key themes have emerged as part of the review so far. These include the need for improvement to the grant application forms and more promotion of the financial grants that are available. The cost of living crisis has also been raised and the impact on our grants programme will be considered. Encouragingly, the benchmarking research has confirmed that our processing time of 10 days is one of the quickest compared to our peers.

Next steps:

We want to do further analysis of our data to identify gaps in our service, and where we aren’t reaching people living with and affected by MND.

Feedback has influenced topics and questions for three more detailed surveys, which were sent out over the last few weeks to people living with MND who had received a grant and those who hadn't, and to health and social care professionals. Thank you to everyone who contributed their feedback. We will now be analysing the results to identify and further themes and gaps.

This webpage will be updated frequently with the final survey links and more information as the review progresses, so please do check back regularly.

  • Page last updated: 02/11/2022

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