From our supporters

From our supporters

View a selection of videos from our supporters and volunteers.

Supporter Videos

We will try and feature videos from our supporters where we can, however we cannot feature every video. Please check our guidelines before asking us to consider your video.

Video Guidelines

Any views in these videos are those of our supporters.

Before acting on any information, advice or recommendations please check with a relevant health and social care professional. Everyone is different and ways people adapt to living with MND may not suit everyone.



Tony Edwards Story - The Impact of MND

Tony, who died of MND, and his family discuss the impact that motor neurone disease has on a family. This is a poignant video that some may find upsetting.

MND Nottinghamshire ''Walk through the door"

This video shows the importance of social contact and support for people affected by MND.

Enduring motor neurone disease (MND \ ALS)

This video shows the impact of MND on Steve Evans and his family. This is a poignant video that some may find upsetting.

Sky Dive for MND by Jo

An awesome video put together by Jo showing her experience sky diving for the Association!

Voice Banking

This video produced by the Press Association features an interview with David Welsh about voice banking.

The Adventures of Charlie and Bandit

Charlie, who lost his mother, Jan, to motor neurone disease in March 2017, is walking 86 miles across Hadrian's Wall with his pet ferret, Bandit.

Lost to MND

Three personal stories from family and friends of those who sadly lost people to MND. This is a poignant video that some may find upsetting.

City Swim 2017

Highlights from the first ever London City Swim that took place in September 2017.

Letchworth Walk to D'feet MND

Highlights from monthly local half marathon walks that take place in Letchworth, Hertfordshire.

Motor neurone disease in 60 seconds

Video courtesy of Bernard Bushnell. This video edit is from the documentary 'Enduring motor neurone disease'. This is a poignant video that some may find upsetting.

Ann and Barrie

Short documentary made by University student Daniel Barnes following Ann, living with MND and the impact on her husband Barrie and son Max,

Virtual Reality and MND

A short film by FlixFilms. They visited our South Essex Branch and demonstrated virtual reality. People with MND were able to test it - and loved it!

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262