Without your support, the pace of MND research could slow down

Until recently, there were very few clinical trials running in the UK. Now there are seven either already running or being set up - with more in the planning stage. These numbers are incredibly exciting and give hope to so many people living with MND and their loved ones.  

The nature of this cruel disease means finding a treatment is very challenging - the path from test tube to trial is complicated and takes time.

Before a trial can happen, scientists need to understand complex biological process going wrong in dying motor neurones. Only then can they develop and test drugs in the lab to target these processes. Although not guaranteed, if these drugs are effective in lab research, they have a higher chance of being effective in someone living with MND. And we become one step closer to achieving a world free from MND. 

Right now, only a third of all scientific research applications we receive are able to be approved for funding. With your help, we'll be able to progress more research from the lab into clinical trials. Will you help fund the search for a cure today? 

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David's Story - how research can bring hope

After being diagnosed with MND in 2022, David and his family's world was turned upside down. David decided to be part of the research for a cure and do everything he can to give hope to himself and others living with MND.

Photos of David

"The day after I retired I got the call telling me that it was MND. Of course, I'm hoping that my involvement in research will help me with my MND now. But if not, the information gained could help other people living with MND. That's a huge driver behind why I've done one trial and two further studies."



Platform Trials: The new and improved search for a cure

Clinical trials can be very costly and will only test one drug. However, platform trials combat this by testing multiple drugs at the same time over the span of a few years. In a platform trial a drug can be removed at any point and a new one added.

‘MAGNET’ is a platform trial currently taking place. It’s the first international platform trial focused on finding effective treatments for MND. Generous donations from supporters have enabled us to part-fund this trial, which is really exciting.

photo of Theresa Chiwera

“The hope is always to find a cure, but we need consistent funding to do so. We will continue to do everything we can to search for a cure – every day, we are getting closer. Now more than ever, MND research needs people like you to donate.” 

Theresa Chiwera, Senior ALS Clinical Trials Manager, King’s College London