MND Engage

MND Engage was a one-day event, developed in collaboration with researchers from the Francis Crick Institute in London, and held at the Crick Institute in July this year.

Organised by researchers from the Crick Institute (Jasmine Harley, Giulia Tyzack and Helen Divine) and supported by the MND Association’s Research Development and Communications teams, MND Engage brought together MND researchers from several UK laboratories with people affected by the disease to explore ways in which public engagement in MND research could be improved.

The aim of the day was to collaboratively produce a short, engaging and informative video that provided an answer to an MND research question and was an opportunity for researchers to understand the challenges and importance of explaining MND research in an understandable way for a public audience.

The event was made possible through funding from a Crick Partnership Networking Fund award and a grant award from the MND Association.

Nick Cole, Head of Research at the MND Association said:

‘MND Engage was conceived to give researchers the opportunity to do something they don’t often get the chance to do – meet and collaborate directly with people affected by MND. The day was a great success and it was exciting to be part of the event. I am very much looking forward to MND Engage 2020.’

Some of the videos are available on YouTube, you can view them as a playlist below and vote for your favourite by clicking the ‘thumbs up – I like this icon’. You can also read more about MND Engage on our blog.

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