Research we fund – Improving standards of care

Here you can find more information about the projects we are funding that are improving standards of care. Click on a project to find out more information and what the project means to a person living with MND.

Ensuring that the clinical management of MND is informed by the priorities of people living with the disease and their families, and is supported by a strong evidence base.

A prospective observation of secretion problems in MND (ProSec)

Prof Chris McDermott

To identify how common these saliva problems are in the UK MND population, how they are currently treated and how effective these treatments are.

Understanding living with tracheostomy ventilation for MND

Dr Eleanor Wilson 

To understand more about living with tracheostomy ventilation with MND, the benefits of it and the implications it may have on quality of life.

Practical management of cognitive symptoms in MND (MiND Toolkit)

Prof Eneida Mioshi

This project aims to develop a new toolkit to help patients and their carers to deal with behavioural and cognitive symptoms, including general loss of interest and empathy.

Evaluation of post-gastrostomy management in MND (PostGas)

Prof Chris McDermott

To understand the optimal nutritional management for patients with MND who are being fed via a tube following a gastrostomy.

Developing a web-based decision aid for gastrostomy in MND (DIAMOND)

Dr Sally Wheelwright

To develop and test a web-based decision aid to help people with MND decide whether to have a gastrostomy tube fitted.

Developing a patient decision aid to support genetic testing in MND

Dr Alisdair McNeill

To develop a research-informed patient decision aid to support people with MND, and their families, make choices about genetic testing with health professionals.

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More projects coming soon!

The research team are hard at work adding more research projects the MND Association funds to these pages. Come back later to learn about more projects and researchers we fund.

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