For some, knowing there is a clear cause of their symptoms can come as a relief. For others, the diagnosis is like a thunderbolt. Whatever reaction you have is completely normal and a whole range of advice, support and information is available.

We encourage everyone newly diagnosed to contact MND Connect, the MND Association helpline. They can help assess your support needs.

We also suggest you visit the Newly Diagnosed? area of the MND Association website, which helps you work through answers you might have at this time.

The online Forum is a place to talk to other people affected by MND.

If you are a carer, you will need support too:

Being a carer for a loved one who suffers with MND can be incredibly challenging, both physically and mentally. There are times when you may feel lost, overwhelmed or alone. That is why our branch offers support to you in several different ways. Please see the links below for excellent advice, information and details of how you can connect with other carers.

  • Ask MND Connect to send you a copy of 'Caring and MND: support for you'.
  • Visit the excellent section Carers – looking after you.
  • Think about coming to our Support Meetings. The North West and West London Support Group is for people living with MND local to our branch. The Pan London Group is a carers’ support group and covers all of the London branches. If you, or your loved one, have been recently diagnosed with MND, you are welcome to join our online group to meet people in the same position. These are all monthly meetings to share thoughts, have a friendly chat and seek support.