Welcome to the new MND Association website!

New MND Association website

We hope you’re already appreciating the new-look layout, the easier navigation and fresh look.

The Association had the luxury of being able to start from scratch to develop this new website and our starting point was to make it easier for people living with the disease to access vital information. Also at the top of the priority list was making the new site compatible with mobile devices – all pages will work effectively on tablets and mobiles as well as desktops, enabling people affected by MND to access vital information wherever and whenever they need it, including by using communication aids such as ‘eyegaze’.

Every one of the 1500 pages on our website has been reviewed with many being updated and around 200 removed. A library of information videos has been added, new photos have been introduced and downloads refreshed.

Throughout the development of the new website, which has taken more than a year, people with MND, healthcare professionals, volunteers and fundraising supporters have been consulted to ensure the final version is an important resource and a global source of information.

The development of the website has been supported by design and build agency Itineris and overseen by the Association’s digital media manager Adam Belson. He said:

“A new website is a large undertaking for a charity like the MND Association so we had to get it right. Thanks to input from representatives of all our key audiences we believe that’s what we’ve done.

“Besides all the standard elements of a website – intuitive search, easy navigation and clutter free pages – we have ensured it was suitable to use with the kind of technology people with MND may use. Many have limited movement and rely on apps, communication aids and eyegaze software so the site has been tested for its suitability with those.”

Key stats:

  • 1,200 webpages have been reviewed, updated or rebuilt
  • 200 pages have been removed entirely
  • 2,500 images have been replaced or updated
  • 1,000 PDFs have been replaced or updated
  • 50,000 visitors are expected to view the new website in the first month

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262