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Our Achievements

We have over 30 years of experience in funding the most promising research into MND and we are a leader in the identification and funding of cutting edge research both within the UK and across the world.

“In recent years we have made considerable inroads in finding new causes of MND, which has lead to increased understanding of how motor neurons live and die, which in turn has thrown up new ideas on how to slow the degenerative process. In addition, our clinical and healthcare research activities are helping to improve multidisciplinary management of MND.”

– Dr Brian Dickie, Director of Research Development at the MND Association

2014 Achievements


MND Association funded researchers identify MATR3 and the TUBA4A genes as causes of the rare inherited form of MND, contributing new knowledge about the causes of MND.

The formation of toxic proteins in the C9orf72-form of inherited MND are shown by MND Association grantees; improving worldwide understanding of this form of MND.

2013 Achievements


The UK MND DNA Bank opened as a high quality resource to the international MND research community in October 2013.

Other achievements include our first research paper, that we paid to be made available open access, was published in February and the launch of our new updated information on inherited MND.

Other Achievements

Click here to view and download our MND Research Timeline.

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