These projects aim to increase the quality of life of people living with MND, as well as improving care. The projects have a direct impact on people living with MND here and now. See below for details on our grants supporting healthcare projects. Read the latest news on healthcare projects on our MND Research blog.

Healthcare projects

The MND Register of England, Wales and Northern Ireland (926-794)
Measuring quality of life in MND (929-794)
Practical management of cognitive and neuropsychiatric symptoms in MND (934-794)
A multi-centre evaluation of the post-gastronomy management in patients with ALS (PostGas) (935-794)
Acceptance and COMmitment therapy for people with MND (COMMEND) (936-794)

Marie Curie/MND Association Palliative and End of Life Care grants

The palliative care need of people with MND and their informal caregivers (962-794)
Enabling tailored and co-ordinated support for family carers of people with MND through adaptation of a Carer Support Needs Assessment Tool (CSNAT) Intervention (961-794)
A prospective observation of secretion problems in MND (ProSec) (960-794)


Practical management of cognitive and neuropsychiatric symptoms in MND (986-797)

PhD studentships

Studying language changes in MND (879-792)
The development and initial evaluation of a web-based psychological intervention to reduce distress in people with MND and their partners (891-792)

Last updated: 1 October 2017


Clinical care currently available to people with MND

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