Evaluation of post-gastrostomy management in MND (Post Gas)

To understand the optimal nutritional management for patients with MND who are being fed via a tube following a gastrostomy

Chris McDermott Crop

Lead Investigator: Prof Chris McDermott

Lead Institution: University of Sheffield

MND Association Funding: £208,308*

Funding dates: June 2017 - October 2022

*Supported by the Holbeck Charitable Trust and the Hamamelis Trust

About the project

For those with MND who have severe swallowing difficulties, one of the long-term nutritional support options is a gastrostomy (a feeding tube that is inserted directly into the stomach). However, previous research has shown that the majority of those who had a gastrostomy continued to lose weight or were unable to regain substantial amounts of weight, suggesting that better management of nutrition is needed in clinical practice.

This study, overseen by the researchers at SITraN, is a multi-centre study being conducted at many different clinics and care centres across the UK, including those funded by the MND Association. The aim of the study is to evaluate current nutritional care being provided, and to determine the best nutritional approach for people with MND who have undergone a gastrostomy. The study will observe the different nutritional regimens of around 200 people with MND that have a gastrostomy and collect data, such as change in weight and change in BMI, to measure their nutritional status. These measurements are taken 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months after having the gastrostomy in order to observe the nutritional status of participants over a period of time.

What does this mean for people living with MND?

The results of this study will be used to help develop evidence-based guidelines for use in clinical practice by the NHS. New guidelines for post-gastrostomy care will ensure that nutritional care for those with MND who have a gastrostomy is better managed, which may aid in combating malnutrition and weight loss seen in those with the disease.


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Project code: 935-794