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Information sheet 1B translated into 4 different languages spread out on a table.


“I don’t have family here in the UK, neither does my son, so we feel very lonely without money, moral support or information. Help!” Person affected by MND

Always ask your health and social care team for advice when making decisions about treatment and care. They may be able to arrange for a translator to help at appointments.

If you need to contact our MND Connect helpline or Benefits Advice Service, they can help if you struggle with English and have no-one to speak to them on your behalf. They can arrange for an interpreter to join your telephone call to translate between your chosen language and English.

We provide some of our publications in a range of languages. You can download these by selecting from the options below, or contact MND Connect to order:

  • a copy in print
  • a copy in Braille for people with sight impairment
  • up to two of the publications shown below in a different language, in any one year

Telephone: 0808 802 6262
Email: mndconnect@mndassociation.org

To help you make an important decision about treatment and care, we may also be able to translate an additional information sheet or a section from our larger guides. We support translation requests if you live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. Contact MND Connect to discuss your needs and find out more. Please note, we use reputable translation services, but cannot take responsibility for any errors in translation.

Introduction to motor neurone disease
Information sheet 1B - Information about MND or Kennedy's disease in other languages or Braille
Information sheet 7A - Swallowing difficulties
Information sheet 7B - Tube feeding
Information sheet 8A - Support for breathing problems
Information sheet 8B - Ventilation for motor neurone disease
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For further information and support, contact our MND Connect helpline:
MND Connect logo MND Connect Phone Number - 0808 802 6262

See our online forum for support and sharing with others affected by MND:
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